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Spectacular Idaho Fishing
North Idaho is hands down the best fishing on the planet. You may want to assess that statement yourself and I challenge anyone to visit our beautiful lakes, rivers and streams and leave without any less of a statement firmly held and perhaps shared with friends. I will leave it to you whether or not you are willing to share your newly found favorite fishing holes with anyone. The fishing is truly spectacular, you will not only have the chance to throw in a line after some of the most sought after species in the U.S., but you will be fishing among stunning scenic north Idaho mountains. The majestic beauty and exceptional fishing makes for wonderful memories, so bring your friends, your kids or a whole group and try our waters, you will love fishing in Idaho.
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The waters of north Idaho produce records so frequently, it is hard to keep up with the stats but you may be able to get your name on the record books, at least for a time. Just imagine standing in the cool, crystal clear flowing water of a pristine mountain stream tipping your fly rod back just one more time before releasing your carefully chosen fly out over the gliding waters. Your fly needs to land right above that submerged boulder. Just a moment ago, you saw the silvery side and flash of red from a Cutthroat Trout rising for a caddisfly. Now your locally hand-tied fly has landed gently above the small eddy and is being swept into the small pool where that monster Cut waits.  You have a moment to savor the clear air and fresh breeze blowing slowly along the valley floor. Your feet are planted carefully in the swift waters that harbor these elusive Cutthroat Trout. A small trail of smoke has followed you down the river as your family sits cozy by the fire wondering why you would be waist deep in the cool mountain stream at such an early hour. Then you see the rise again, and this time he is coming for your dry fly.

Fish of North Idaho

Kokanee » This is probably the most popular food fish in our region, locals love to smoke this fish in large numbers and pan frying is highly recommended and the average size is perfect at 9-14 inches. The red meat is very flavorful and and these fish are plentiful. If you are spending some time in our great outdoors and plan on enjoying your catch right in camp or at one of our lake front cabins, this is the fish you want to go after.
Bass »The Large Mouth Bass fishing in our area starts out strong in the spring around April with the fish aggressively hitting on crank bait and lures. Summer continues to be an excellent season for bass fishing and as the cooler weather arrives, these fish move into the shallows to feed. Excellent fishing can be found far into October. The record for Lake Coeur d'Alene is just under 11 lbs. 
Chinook Salmon » These land locked Salmon provide a year round season for our local fisherman and the hearty visitor who is ready to get out on the lake. What a great opportunity to bundle up throughout the fall, winter and spring and catch some large fish. These Salmon are typically around 3-6 lbs and according to local experts, the stocking rate is about 70,000 fish annually. Read more from an excerpt from expert fisherman at Fins and Feathers Tackle Shop. 

"The Coeur d'Alene Salmon Cycle

This year round fishery is has alot to offer the potential angler.The Spring (March thru May) finds these fish at or near the surface. We troll herring in a helmet, a flutter spoon, or a Rapala. Catch rates are generally very good with the average fish running from 3 to 8 pounds. Trolling speeds are between 1.8 and 2.2 knots.

The Summer time (June thru Mid-August) fish will drop to the 40 to 60 foot range. These suspended fish will chase a Dodger/Fly or Flasher/Squid combo. Another successful setup is a Herring behind a Dodger. Trolling speed is 1.2 knots for the Dodger and 1.6 for the Flasher.

The Fall fishery (Mid-August thru September) is when the largest fish of the season are caught. The mature chinook make their way to mouths of the Coeur d'Alene River and Wolf Lodge Creek. Flasher/Squid and Dodger/Fly combo's are the way to fool these big fish. Trolling speed is 1.2 knots for the Dodger and 1.6 for the Flasher.

The Winter (October thru February) pattern is for the fish to slowly drop down to the bottom. When they reach 75 feet and deeper, the catch rates are some of the best of the year. Fish are generally 3 to 6 pounds and the common method for catching them is to troll a Flaher and a small squid. Trolling speed is from 1.4 to 1.6 knots."

Cutthroat Trout
Rainbow Trout
Tiger Muskie » Record breaking 38 pounder caught in Hauser Lake in 2001
Northern Pike
Dolly Varden Trout » Pend O'Rielle 32 lbs 1949

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