Silverwood Theme Park

Silverwood is the Northwest's largest theme park, with more than 200 acres of fun and 70 rides.   Thrilling rides include the 2 classic wood roller coasters, the impressive and terrifying "Aftershock" roller coaster, and the new "Spin Cycle" attraction. Silverwood Theme Park combines these rides with a huge waterpark under a single ticket price, to provide days of fun and adventure for the whole family.  

Thrill Rides
Silverwood boasts some of the countries best thrill rides. 
  • Aftershock is Silverwood Theme Parks premier thrill ride and a must for all visitors who want to test their limits on the roller coasters. 
  • Panic Plunge is a terrifying 120 foot free fall that will scare the daylights out of the bravest daredevils in your family.
  • Thunder Canyon is pure family fun. This ride takes you on a trip down the canyon with steep drops every 50 feet or so, dropping you into the waves as you float through the canyon and caves beyond. This is a fun ride we recommend for the whole family, as long as you meet Silverwood's rider requirements.
  • Spin Cycle harnesses you into a seat with a couple dozen of your closest friends, then spins you around as it lift you high in'll have to see it to believe it.
Wood Roller Coasters
Tremors is one of Silverwood’s premier wooden roller coaster, and has been consistently 
ranked as one of the top ten wood coasters in the country by coaster enthusiasts. The 
coaster features a 103-foot drop, before plunging through four underground tunnels, 
travels 60 mph on a 3,000-foot-long track. 
Timber Terror is a frightening 2700 feet long and 85 feet high with a series of hills provoking Timber Terror's well-known sensation of weithlessness!! 
A Massive Waterpark
Boulder Beach Water Park is HUGE and located right inside Silverwood Theme Park. You can spend a whole day here exploring the beaches, the lazy river and all the exciting slides. One of the best is Avalanche Mountain! 
"Walk up a mountain trail, climb aboard a raft with up to six of your family or friends, and splash   your way down into a 20-foot diameter MEGA-tube before landing in a below-ground canyon!"

Elkhorn Creek is a one fifth -mile-long loop winding through the water-park with waterfalls and fountains to keep you cool as you glide along with family and friends, float up to the water side bar for a cool drink or just float around until you are ready for another adventurous water slide. Velocity Peak may be just what you need to get your adrenaline pumping,
"A high-speed body slide complex that features 3 slides including a 62-foot vertical drop and  speeds up to 50 mph."

When you think you have seen it all, take a second look at the double wave pools, that's right, Boulder Beach has 2 incredible wave pools side by side so there is always room. Located on a cool island between the pools is a section of cabanas you can rent for the day. We highly recommend a cabana on the pool for a little privacy on such a fun day at Silverwoods water park. You can always use a break in your private waterfront cabana. 
The Polliwog Park and Toddler Springs Kiddies’ areas offer little ones plenty of slides, pools and splash areas as well as beach lounging for the parents. 
Where To Stay                 
Some of the closest lodging to Silverwood Theme Park can be found right here on our website.  Your group will appreciate a full size home with cozy bedrooms and a fully stocked kitchen. Not to mention all the other fantastic amenities you will find at many of our homes. We offer great vacation rentals near Silverwood so you can stay close to the fun!
How To Get There
Silverwood Theme Park is located just 15 minutes north of Coeur d’Alene on Highway 95 in 
scenic North Idaho. 
Tips From Vacation Rental Authority
We know your time is so important, a vacation is always way to short so we have a few tips on how you can make the most of your trip to Silverwood. .
  • Arrive a little early. There is a lot of parking at Silverwood so rest easy, you will find a place to park but by arriving early you can miss any lines at the gate or the bag check. 
  • Plan 2 days at the park so you can see it all. Silverwood is really that big. 
  • A double scoop of ice cream is enough for 4 people. Really hungry people. Try getting one and sharing. A single scoop is a huge treat for one. Kids get more than enough with a kid scoop. Definitely stop in but be careful, they are very generous with the excellent ice cream.
  • If you can visit in Spring or Fall, you may be able to ride the coasters and attractions all day non stop. We love a day at the park in the early spring.
  • October features SCARYWOOD. This is not recommended for young children 12 and younger. If you are looking for the scariest place on earth, this may be it. Scarywood is truly scary. Riding the coasters backward or into the tunnel in the dark is scary enough but having the park filled with ghost, ghouls and zombies is truly frightening. You will not know if they are real or not, actors or statues or if they are going to come after your because they often do.  
If you are ready for your Silverwood vacation, just call or email today and we can package a wonderful vacation home with all the tickets you need. 800-679-3661