Lodging for Teams

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Lodging For Teams

Keep your team together under one roof with our large vacation rental homes. Not only can you get a luxurious home, you can save a bundle with our fully stocked kitchens. No need to book multiple expensive boxy hotel rooms. You can now gather under one roof with your entire team to discuss the exciting days events, plan those important meals, share the chores and keep track of everyone. 

Recommended Homes for PNQ

Liberty lake Lodge  A 7 bedroom home with beds for 20, including 2 bunk rooms, perfect for teams.
Kokanee Bay Beach House Large 4 bedroom home with beds for 12, add inflatables for beds for the whole team.
Riverstone Condos  2 and 3 bedroom condos. You can book several to accommodate the whole team. Much cheaper than hotels and you get the whole home with living rooms and kitchens.
Coeur d'Alene Place 3 and 4 bedroom homes in downtown Coeur d'Alene. Book 2 homes if needed 


Fully Stocked Kitchens

We know how difficult it is to plan your meals when traveling and just how important this is for athletes. We work with teams, Ironman athletes, cyclist and runners to keep fully stocked kitchens that make sense and help athletes maintain their competitive edge even when traveling. Our fully stocked kitchens offer the tools and utensils you need to prepare quality meals in the privacy of your vacation rental and we all know that is just not something you can do in a hotel or by ordering out.  

Idaho Vacation Rental


With up to 7 bedrooms and multiple bathrooms, our vacation rentals offer privacy for team members and chaperons. With private bedrooms and multiple bathrooms your coaches and parent chaperons can assign rooms to team members to assure some privacy and organization during your trip. Our staff is always available to help you find the right size home to accommodate any team. We also have homes that neighbor other vacation rentals so we can provide up to 10 bedrooms at one location. 

Family Style Living Spaces

Our large homes are perfect for teams, offering living rooms, game-rooms, dining areas and outdoor spaces that easily accommodate team size groups. Enjoy these large spaces with your team members so you can stay in focus, plan your events, talk about your day and rally for the next big event. With all this space, you can save so much time trying to rally your team you will have much more time and energy for the important things. 

Cheaper Than Hotels

Booking with Vacation Rental Authority is less expensive than boxy hotel rooms. Not only can you save a bundle on lodging the cost of meals can be drastically reduced by preparing some meals at the vacation home. Save money, eat well and stay together.