Dear VRA Travelers,

First and foremost, we hope you are hanging in there and staying well. On behalf of the entire CDA Property Pros and Vacation Rental Authority team, we want to ensure you that safety and health remain our top priority. We recognize that many of you may be experiencing stress with the daily update of information related to COVID-19, Coronavirus. We are monitoring this daily and are listening carefully to the questions and concerns we receive from our guests.

COVID-19 is impacting some willingness to travel away from home, but families still want to take vacations – and desire the incredible peacefulness that only a mountain lake getaway can provide. With our location and rental options, we feel this allows us the opportunity to provide a much-needed vacation.  

Accepting Future Reservations Now

We are accepting reservations, and you can arrive as early as today.  In Idaho, our Governor is reopening the state in phases.  Some key dates include:

May 1: Most businesses are now open.  While not required or enforced, limited non-essential travel is being recommended. 
May 30: Normal travel can resume.

Book With Confidence

We are in this together. We want to reassure you in this time of uncertainty, that we offer certainty when you are ready to travel again. Offering clean and safe rental homes has always been our top priority. VRA has elevated our standards even more, and will continue to place an emphasis on our cleaning practices and policies.

Flexible Booking & Worry-Free Credits/Cancellation Policy
VRA remains committed to our guests, and to helping them book with confidence and peace of mind. With this in mind, we have implemented a Flexible Booking & Cancellation Policy for travel dates through July 31 for all bookings made after April 1.  Please feel free to call us at 208-665-3728.

COVID-19 Flexible Booking & Worry-Free Credits/Cancellation Policy*

 * Any reservation with an arrival date on or before June 15, 2020
 * Any reservation booked after April 1 with an arrival date before July 31, 2020

New Reservations: Guests who make a new reservation for arrivals before July 31, 2020, may reschedule their trip for any time within a 12-month period of the original arrival date. 

The guest must provide written notice to VRA that they desire to reschedule at least 7 days prior to the original arrival date, and at such time the guest will receive a credit for the full reservation amount when booked direct, to be used within a 12-month period of the original arrival date. 

If the future reservation amount is less than the full amount of the credit, the remaining credit balance will carry over and may be used on an additional reservation within this 12-month window.

If the future reservation amount is higher than the original credit amount, the guest must pay the difference in full upon booking the future reservation.

Any unused credit at the end of the 12-month period will be forfeited.

BALANCE DUE: The final balance for any reservation with an arrival date before July 31, 2020 must be paid 30 days prior to the arrival date.

IMPORTANT: Reservations arriving after June 15 that were booked prior to April 1, 2020, as well as ALL reservations arriving after July 31, 2020 follow our standard Cancellations and Changes policy.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Like other vacation rental companies, we offer you the option to buy travel insurance with every booking before the final payment is made. Travel insurance can reimburse you for costs due to trip interruption. If you have not yet opted to purchase Travel Insurance, we highly recommend you reconsider to be on the safe side. For questions regarding travel insurance, call 866-999-4018.

We are together on this journey and we are incredibly grateful that you are trusting us with your Northwest getaway. Our team is here and ready to help you plan your vacation!  After being stuck in the house for so long, come enjoy the fresh mountain air and spectacular lake views that make CDA so special. 

Still don't want to fly?  There is no more beautiful road trip than the drive to CDA, and we're less than a day away from many cities including Seattle, Tacoma, Boise, Portland, Missoula, Edmonton and many others.

Until then, we are sending you all some calming mountain air vibes from Coeur d'Alene, and our friends at CDA Idaho Clothing Company.