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See revenue growth, more happy guests, and additional peace of mind with Vacation Rental Authority's leading property management team.


Reach Your Maximum Income Potential

The most effective way to realize the peak earning potential of a vacation rental is to increase marketing exposure while adjusting for local and seasonal demand. Our proven dynamic pricing strategy increases income by 15% to 18% when compared to a traditional pricing strategy. Combined with our increased occupancy and you can expect a significent increase in revenue. 




Rest Easy Knowing Your Properties Are in Expert Hands

Three onsite team visits between each guest, to ensure your property is well cared for. We fix issues as needed and your property is professionally cleaned before your guests arrives.  We have the people, we know the systems, we respond quickly and we make it right. Vacation Rental guests expect hospitality level service during their stay, we are prepared for anything.


Gift Your Guests the VIP Experience

Go beyond arranging decorative soaps to providing an experience your guests will cherish and share with their families and friends. We’ll work with your guests to create the adventures or quiet retreats they have in mind. Your reputation as a vacation rnetal owner can ride on great communication, we are there with solutions and friendly services designed to care for guests. 
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Powerful dynamic pricing 

We are passionate about optimizing your investment while maintaining a competative edge, with our dynamic pricing tools, we lead the industry.  With our integrated pricing platform, we can adjust your rental rates every 24 hours based on the local VR market, occupancy levels and seasonal demand. Do you know your peak dates, when is Labor Day, Ironman?  We know those dates and many others, dialed into our system for constant optimization. 


Unparalleled Marketing Done for You

Generate more bookings with the right guests at the right time. We increase your property’s exposure through sophisticated search engine tactics, our strong distribution network and traditional marketing strategies including professional photography, 3D tours and digital floor plans. Your property will be listed on internationally reconized websites like VRBO and Airbnb then take a postion on Coeur d'Alene's #1 vacation rental booking website.  Your exposure  and reach will far exceed most expectaions. 

Easy Online Booking

Booking at your fingertips, on any device on multiple top placing sites. Over 50% of our bookings are direct and we accept direct bookings 24/7, 365 days a year. Our reservationist is available for any questions guests may have so they can get the home of their dreams . Our vitrual walkthroughs are nothing short of extrodinary, see eveything from any angle, anytime, exclusivley on Vacation Rental Authority. 

Peace for our neighbors

Our digital fly on the wall monitors noise levels without invasive recording and alerts the guest directly via text to allow them the opportunity to privatly correct their volume. By adding our neighbor friently device to your rental, we can eliminate complaints, keep guests and neighbors enjoying their time and keep your property protected. 

Free Basic Maintenance Program

Don't let your revenue get flushed, with other companies, the costs of quick maintenance checks for minor problems add up fast. Not at Vacation Rental Authority. The first 30 minutes of maintenance inspections and diagnostics don’t cost you a thing, and 7 out of 10 issues are handled within that window. That includes the most common issues reported by guests like router or modem resets, basic TV issues, or minor plumbing problems.

Free Linen service

We give a great impression every time by providing your guests fresh, blue ribbon-quality linens and towels at no charge to you. Each linen service is done off-site and out of mind. This frees up your appliances, limits the use of your resources and gaurantees smooth turnovers. When an item shows wear or is stained or damaged, it is replaced with a new item immediatly, again at no cost to you, ever. 



Rest Easy Knowing Your
Properties Are in Expert Hands

Three onsite team visits between each guest, to ensure your property is well cared for. We fix issues as needed and your property is professionally cleaned before your guests arrives.


No “Nickel and Diming”

We don’t believe in nickel and diming our property owners. We don’t charge for light bulbs, batteries, linens, photos, marketing, virtual tours, propane refills, hot tub cleanings, minor onsite quick-fixes or initial diagnostics, cleaning supplies, soaps, or our spring prep or fall wrap-up service!

Trusted 24/7 Local Support

Rest easy knowing you have the support of our local team. No one knows the unique needs of our market like we do and because we’re local, we take care of what you need, when you need it most, 24/7. Our entire team is extensively vetted, professionally trained and uniformed. We provide full contractor services: lawn care, plumbing, electrical and general contractor work.

Dedicated Housekeeping Professionals

We offer a housekeeping guarantee. Wow your guests with a clean, maintained and flawless property. Every property is assigned a dedicated cleaner who becomes its expert, inside and out. Professional technicians are on hand to quickly address any issues and communicate the timing of repairs. Your home will go through our indoor and outdoor property care checklists, and benefit from our spring prep and fall wrap-up procedures.

Meticulous Property Inspections

Our inspectors are incredibly meticulous. Before your guest arrives, your property goes through our multi touch point cleaning and inspection. Your home will receive thorough housekeeping, exterior property care and a Quality Assurance Inspection. We respond to guest inquiries and concerns immediately so that your property is in perfect condition for their stay.

Smart Technology and Services

Wherever we can use the latest technology to optimize our services and stay in touch with you and your guests - we do it! Our high-tech approach includes: virtual and live digital tours, high touch photography, daily updates on our websites, digital maintenance tracking, GPS tracked vehicles, a housekeeping team that uses our SmartPhone App for scheduling and reporting issues, and interactive tablets in every home that act as a digital guide book for your guests!

Eco-conscious and friendly

We help protect our planet by only using environmentally friendly processes and products in the homes we manage. Not only can you rest assured knowing you’re using a management company that cares for our planet, your guests will also feel the benefits in their use of these products while at your property.

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Gift Your Guests
the VIP Experience

Go beyond arranging decorative soaps to providing an experience your guests will cherish and share with their families and friends. We’ll work with your guests to create the adventures or quiet retreats they have in mind.


The Royalty Treatment

Exceed the expectations of your guests with exceptional and professional hospitality. We set the standard with hotel-style amenities, spa-quality linens and concierge services.

24/7 Guest Service

Whenever your guests need us, we’re here to answer questions and offer expert local advice.

Access Exclusive Owner
Services and Perks

It may seem like we’re focused on putting your guests first, but we like to make you feel special, too. Vacation Rental Authority is a partner you can trust and we’re always delighted to assist with any vacation plans you may have.


Partnership with Owners

Our guests aren’t the only ones who experience exceptional service. We are partners with our owners every step of the way. Our homeowners are part of our family and their homes are like our own. We work to build a profit with you, not from you.

Full Control and Unlimited Owner Use

Enjoy your vacation home as much as you’d like! As an owner, you’ll have full control and access to your property’s calendar. Unlike other companies that limit when homeowners can stay in their vacation homes, we give you unlimited access - no black out dates!

Effortless Reporting and Taxes

Spend less time on paperwork and let us handle the complicated tax management process for you! Don’t second guess your financial reporting process or pay penalties for incorrect filing. We are experts at state sales, licensing and permitting setup and lodging and township/town tax reporting.

Explore the World

Your home gives you access to more than 11,000 luxury vacation homes across the world for pennies on the dollar with our reciprocal network. Owners of qualifying homes receive free travel credits with our home sharing network.

Transparent Updates and Feedback

Stay connected with your property 24/7, through online access to your account to see new reservations and monthly statements. Exclusive to VRA property owners is our monthly homeowner magazine Unfettered.

Investing in our community

We were voted the #1 best place to work in Idaho for more than one reason. Not only are our employees passionate about what they do, but they share our dedication to investing back into our community. It is part of our mission to be good neighbors and contribute to our community by creating jobs and boosting our local economy through tourism and supporting local contractors and businesses.
We have just started with VRA and am already impressed. Everyone one of the staff we have dealt with have been professional and eager to help or answer my questions. They are all very accommodating. They made great suggestions to us in order to make us more money. It's working too, because we already have our home booked 5 weekends this summer. Thank you all at VRA! - Sue James, Skyview Perch

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